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Traditional Affiliate Program: Are you a CPA, business attorney or other business whose clients need business formation services? Maybe you are a newspaper who already publishes DBA notices and are tired of the administrative side of things and just want to publish? Or perhaps you are a webmaster looking for additional revenue? Signature Filing provides your customers with the best service, fastest turn around and cheapest prices while giving you, the affiliate, 15% to 25% of the Service Charge on every successful sale you refer. If you don't wish to receive a commission, you can convert the commission into a discount for your clients. You can also resell our services by listing yourself as the Contact Person; your client need not know Signature Filing was involved!

Banker Program: Are you a business banker who hates having to send a client away because they don‘t have their DBA? We can help! Use our automated service to further cement the relationship with your client. Complete our DBA application while the customer sits at your desk. A form is automatically generated and ready for their signature. We then expedite your filing with the County Clerk, and fax/email you the client‘s Certified Copy. We will then handle the publication. You can rest easy knowing your DBA requirement will be handled swiftly and correctly. The Affiliate Commission can be converted into an incentive discount for the client.

Promotional & Referral Codes: You can create a series of Promotional & Referral Codes for your customers to use in the Promo/Referral box at the Shopping Cart page during checkout. Use of these codes will ensure you get the referral credit. Promotional Codes provide incentive for the customer by granting a determinable percent off the Service Charge. For example, you could say "Use code ABCD for 15% off at checkout!" This method works well for word of mouth or offline promotional material.

What is my commission?
The commission you receive is defined as a certain percentage of the net revenue, also known as the Service Charge. The net revenue or Service Charge is defined as the gross sale minus the Agency Fee (or state/county filing fees). Our current rate is 15% to 25%. Check out our Pricing page for current pricing information.
When do I get paid?
Unlike most affiliate programs, we issue your check when the order reaches a certain stage, rather than after a set time. We do this to avoid fraud and misunderstandings should a problem arise with the order. Fortunately, this also results in a much shorter payout time. We also do not have a minimum payout amount.
I do not have a website/my website gets no traffic. Can I still refer customers?
Yes! You do not need a website to start referring customers. When you become an affiliate you have the ability to create Promotional and Referral Codes which you can use to refer customers. These work well in promotional material and word of mouth. With Promotional Codes you can offer the customer a few bucks off the final purchase price to ensure they remember to use your code at checkout.
Does my commission include additional services like Express Filing?
Of course! If a client opts for any of our Express Filing services, your affiliate rate applies to that Service Charge as well.
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"Your service is excellent. The process was straightforward and clear. Thanks for your great help!"
– Chris Kasten

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