I just have to say Signature Filing is AWESOME! I had to renew my 5 year DBA and it was so easy. Thank you for making this step in my business a baby step.
— Touch N Stuff,

I received everything I ordered on time and quick. I appreciate you simple to use service, seeing how I'm not tech savvy. Thank you very much!
— Courtney,

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I received everything I ordered on time and quick. I appreciate you simple to use service, seeing how I'm not tech savvy. Thank you very much!
— Courtney,

I just have to say Signature Filing is AWESOME! I had to renew my 5 year DBA and it was so easy. Thank you for making this step in my business a baby step.
— Touch 'N Stuff,

I am very pleased with the service I received. I saved plenty of time by having you guys do this, the time I saved I was able to dedicate to improving my business, Thank You.

First time I've used Signature Filing. Very happy with their service. The process was done in an orderly and timely manner. They kept us informed through the process. I will be using their service in the future.
— Arch Capital Partners, LLC,

Thank you Signature Filing for everything!! This was definitely well worth doing! You made this so easy & painless, and I didn't have to drive around trying to figure out where to go & what papers I needed etc. Thanks again!
— Sherry Ajhar-Sullivan,

The Signature Filing Inc. most easy way to file any business documentation professionally!!! All the questions I asked were answered with a detailed explanation. Definitely recommend it to any one who looking for professional help and fast service. Thanks a lot guys!
— - Mike, DDDbody.com

very happy with your service you guys were a tremendous help to me. I could not of done it on my own. Yes all is going well and I am now all set up for the Benicia Peddlers faire and I am so excited. thanks for everything.
— , Vonnie

It has been a pleasure doing business with your company. You have a customer for life...lol Thank you.
— L.D. Hall, Manager, The Business Depot, LLC

I just wanted to let you know how awesome your services are. I really couldn’t believe how fast and easy it was. Everything was done perfectly and within just a few days of filing I was getting permits and lic in the mail. Very seamless!!! I have referred a couple people over to you guys already… Thanks again so much for getting my business started!
— William A Schaffer, The Finishing Lab

When I first applied for my sales permit and tax ID number, I thought the process would be difficult and it would take weeks to receive anything back. In fact, I looked into another company first because of their name (that implied a speedy service), but when I called during their office hours to ask a question, the receptionist said they were gone for the day and transferred me to someone's voicemail. I left a message, but never received a call back. I didn't have a good feeling about the company, so I continued my search and came across yours. And I'm so glad I did! The service I received from your company has surpassed my expectations. It was so easy to complete the step by step instructions online and it only took less than one week to receive my information that I needed. I also liked how quick someone replied back to my questions online.
— Mrs. Lee,

Your were an excellent company with whom to do business. You did everything you said you would, when you told me you would do it - thus making a difficult task easy - you provide a valuable service to the community.
— Gary J. Schummer, Ph.D., Psychologist, and; Clinical Director of A.D.D. Treatment Center

I am very pleased with the service I received. I saved plenty of time by having you guys do this, the time I saved I was able to dedicate to improving my business, thank you
— Edward Raul Martinez,

This was the 3rd or 4th time I have used Signature Filing. Each time everything was clear and easy. I especially like the check list that lets me know where I am in the process. When I did have to call for information or with a question, my call was answered promptly by someone who was professional, personable, and knowledgeable. I couldn't be happier with the service and your employees. I have already recommended Signature Filing to friends.
— Barbara Barnett,

Outstanding service! I would give Signature Filing a 9+ in customer satisfaction. The cost was worth every dime and saved me time and money and from having to dealing with the bureaucracy of the county.
— Bob Mulhall, Heli-Aviation Consulting

I had nothing but a good experience with Signature Filing. Everything was fast and easy. I could have done all the work myself, but with limited time available, I needed a service that could handle my filing and publishing of forms for my new business. Once I signed up, everything was smooth sailing. I didn't have to do a thing. No worries, and everything was handled with the right amount of communication. Thanks guys. I will recommend you to anyone with similar needs.
— Dan Pound,

Thank you Signature Filing for making this whole process easy and painless. The Progress side panel was helpful in keeping me aware of my progress. Also, explanations and definitions explaining terms was valuable. I could see light at the end of the tunnel. When I had to call for assistance, my call was answered promptly. The person with whom I spoke was knowledgeable, clear, accessible and personable. This is my third time using SF and each time was easy and satisfying.
— Dr. BB,

I've used Signature Filing twice and will be coming back a third time. The step by step process walked me through without any difficulty. Everything was clear and easy. I can easily check the status of my order and each step is clearly presented so I know exactly where I am in the process. Pricing is affordable. I recommend SF highly.
— Dr. B,

The filing was easy and the license was received within a few days of my returning the required information. Thank you,
— , RoseMarie

everything was great so very glad i chose your company to do my business through i have already referred you to some of my friends thanks again.
— Sean Toohey,

I must say, everything went smooth and I thank you Guy's very much! I would definitely use/recommend you when needed.
— Mr. Dusch,

Your service is excellent. The process was straightforward and clear. Thanks for your great help!
— Chris Kasten,

I've been quite pleased with your service. Your communication has been excellent and service has been prompt and reliable. Good job!
— Kenneth Lu, Arcadian Lighting, Inc.

Thank you so much! I have enjoyed doing business with you for over 5 years now. You have always been more than helpful and I appreciate your taking the time to answer all of my questions as they have come up. I have, and will continue to recommend your services with the fullest confidence.
— Leslie Bosson,

Actually, you guys are awesome! It took the pain out of having to run around and do all of this myself. I will gladly recommend your services to anyone who needs similar business filings.
— Erica Menendez, Secret Garden Day Spa

Everything about your assistance was perfect and I couldn't imagine a need for improvement. Thank you for making an intimatating job so easy. I'll recommend you to anyone that askes how to get a resale certificate.
— Louise Jinkens,

Thank you for taking care of our corporation's DBA filings. Everything went exactly as you said it would, and you kept us up to date on how it was proceeding throughout the process. We will definitely use you again in the future.
— Mark Avery, UHearMe, Inc.

Thank You! Everything was great: the price, the speed and the ease of use of your service! And also great job at keeping me informed about the fazes the application was going through! I will definitely let others know, when the need be. Sincerely,
— Dianna M,

I am so glad I found your website. Easy to follow instructions on website. Prompt reply, good follow up and reasonable price. Annette is great! Highly recommended
— Minh Bui, Financial Controller, Jackson Design & Remodeling

Dear Signature filing, I want to inform you that your service is unsurpassed. This is my second experience with Signature Filing and each time I have received the same quick, efficient and courteous support, no matter what questions or concerns I may have had. Annette was informative and kindly patient. She even folloed up the next day to see if I had any further needs. Excellent service. Thank you.
— Mary-Ann Comstok, Jumping Crickets

Received the proof of publication last week - excellent - thank you very much! I have been very impressed with your level of communication throughout this process, you not only managed my expectations you anticipated problems and let me know what to expect. I will certainly be using your services in the future and will be very happy to recommend you to clients. Many thanks and best wishes for the season,
— Andrew McCluskey, Simply Friday

My accountant suggested I contact you when I started by business 2 months ago. Everyone I know who has there own business said how easy it was to "do it yourself", but my business took off fast (lucky me!) and I knew I needed help. Not only was it so incredibly simple to walk through getting you information on your site, but I got a further price reduction from your already reasonable price for using Firefox! You were quick to respond to my questions with professionalism and warmth, and kept me in the loop all the way with the process. Never did I wonder "what is going on? When will I hear where I am in the process?" because I got emails telling me what had been done, what was still needed, and when it would be finish. Now I have my DBA and I am a small business owner. Thank you for being a partner in making my dream become a reality!
— Pamela Focht, Right Turn, Coaching and Consulting

Signature Filing Staff, Thank you so much for your follow-up e-mail. Your service is absolutely professional, efficient and friendly. I have recommended you in the past and will continue to do so. It is a gift to find a business alliance you can truly trust. Thank you so much! I continue to wish you great success as time moves on.
— Patricia Lloyd, Life Coaching Journey

very impressed and very professional .. that is what Signature filing is.. Thank you so much for your services.. it made starting a small business easier.
— Connie Nutter, LolaMia Jewelry and accessories

We received our final documention yesterday for our DBA. We wanted to thank you for the quick and efficient way you handled our paperwork. The entire process was very easy to work with and all dates were met and all services offered were completed. Thank you and should we have a need for your services in the future we will be sure to use your company again.
— Tracy L. Boldroff, Ignisis

This was such an easy process! I couldn't believe it. For someone who works non-stop, I dreaded adding this "project" to my workload, but it was a breeze. I have no complaints! Thank you,
— Shelly Schoendienst,

Dear support staff, I appreciate your efforts and especially your follow-up. Everything has been great and timely service you provided. I await the final document to submit to the bank for my checking account. Thanks so much for making the process easy and smooth sailing. Regards,
— Debra Gala,

Thank you. Your company makes this so easy I will never bother to do it mysql again!! This is the second time I have used Signature Filing.
— Ellen, Evergreen Storage

I think you guys did an awesome job, at a great price and you saved me a TON of hassles by doing so. Thank you again, Regards
— Jennifer Charm, Carabella

Jackie with Signature Filing is very fast and friendly. They answered every question I had and helped me with all my filing needs.
— Thomas Ford, One Family Entertainment Studios (www.ofestudios.com)

Dear Signature filing, Your service was exactly what I needed. Oh, I could have gone to the courthouse, gotten the correct forms, paid to publish with the newspaper (which has to be done inperson, not over the phone). It might even have been a few pennies cheaper until you figure in my time and gas money. But I, like so many other small business owners am crunched for time. I never have enough time to research business opportunities, plan, create, design and the million other things I am responsible for like family, children etc. So, instead I took 2 minutes filled out a form online paid by credit card and it was done. You were in contact with me regularly so I knew what was happening and it was great, neat and complete. Thanks so much
— Charla R. Van Vlack, owner CharlaRae, jewelry, designer vintage denim and art

We received everything as promised. Thank you very much. What a great automation of the process! Great service, timely information provided along the whole process. Lots of time saved! Thank you.
— jetRetouch,

I just wanted to send a thank you for your provided services. It made it so easy for me and I truly appreciate your correspondence through it all. Thanks again,
— Carrie Combs , Rock n' Rolled Gold

To this point, as I await the final information, I have to say this process has been seamless. You have been proactive and responsive, by phone, email, and documents through the mail. And, this I greatly appreciate. There are more steps I want to take going forward with my new business, and you will be the first step I consider in this process. Sincerely,
— Nedra Saucier,

Thank you for making things so easy. Both my re-sale# and DBA came through as promised. Thanks again
— Joe Arnold, JC Insoles

Thank you for the note and service. We did receive the Proof of Publication. We appreciate your service and web site. It was easy to keep up to date on the progress and your "one stop shop" for the filing was easy and convenient. Thank you again and we will keep you in mind for our future needs. Respectfully,
— Michael Maher, The Dusty Rivers Investment Club

Thank you for your full service processing, caution about solicitors and follow up ...very satisfied customer.
— Bill Thompson,

Hello Signature Filing, Your firm helped us file our initial DBA. You also helped us file our abandonment when we grew into a corporation. Your service took all the tedious burden off of our plate, and made these processes easy and painless to complete. In California where travel and wait times are off the charts, you saved us a lot of money when you factor in lost production time. You firm completed all tasks on time, and exactly as promised. During these times of fading quality with respect to customer service, your firm clearly demonstrated commitment and performance for all of our customer service needs.
— DG Kujawski Vice-President, Refinery Water Engineering & Associates, Inc.

Everything was perfect. You guys do a great job. Your constant emails informing me of my status was very helpful. I will be recommending your service to other people.
— David Williams, The Private Traveling Chef

Yes! These people are polite as well as being on top-of-their-game. I had no problem with my DBA change over and no problem at the bank either. They were attentive by following up with an email after each step and sensitive to my needs. I highly recommend Signature Filing. You'll like these people. They know what the hell they're doing.
— Joel H. Evans II,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank and recommend Signature Filing for their exemplary service and attention to detail and follow up. They are terrific! Respectfully,
— Patrick Strong, Deep Level Training Systems

Everything was and is great! Thanks for all your help in making this an awesome experience for us! We will recommend your services to everyone! Thank you!
— Chuck Duran ,

Signature Filing is the best service that I, personally, have worked with,of any kind. I usually have to check to make sure that all of the i's have been dotted and all the t's have been crossed, but in this case your company was the ones who were following up with me. Thanks, I would be happy to recomend your service to anyone.
— M. Antillon ,

Hi there, I just wanted to say I am definitely happy with your services. It was 1) Reliable, everything went fine without any problems; 2) Simple, it was a matter of send and forget about it, and 3) Cheap. Just a shame that I didn't hear about your services sooner, but I'll definitely come back and bring some of my contacts to you. A happy customer,
— Thierry U,

I am very happy with your service and I will use you again. I am thinking of opening an "S' corporation for my client. I will contact u shortly for that. Thank you.
— Marjan H. Bahmani, Law Office of Marjan H. Bahmani

Dear Signature Filing, Thanks for your help with filing and publishing my DBA. You guys made the process so easy, convenient and efficient. I must admit I was a bit skeptical at first, but soon grew confident through your follow-up emails educating me on what to expect, what not to respond to and of course final notification marking the completion of the process. Thanks for making the filing experience so easy and cost effective.
— Jim Eberle, Eberle Editorial and VFX

Just a note to say we are very pleased with the service we received from Signature Filing - a quick process with no problems at all. Thank you! Best,
— Teresa Halliday,

Thank you very much for your informative action, I am very much appreciative. I have received all the information for the actions you performed for me. I am also appreciative for the fact that you are there as a live voice when I had questions, it will be a pleasure to do business with you in my time of need and to refer you to any persons I know for future business.
— Gene T. Reed, A Pro-1 Live Scan and Notary Service

Thank you for the follow-up. On behalf of our organization I really appreciate the timeliness and professionalism your company provided! With applauds for a job well done,
— Anna Park, Executive Director & Board Member

When moving our traditional sign shop from San Francisco to the Southern California town of Big Bear Lake we had a million things that needed to get done for the move. Having Signature Filing take care of the filing and publication of our business name made the transition so much easier. I would highly recommend using them to any business. The process was completely easy and worth the small fee to have this taken care of for us. I also liked that you could log in online and see the status of each stage of the process. Two thumbs way up!
— Sean Starr, Starr Studios Custom Signs

Thank you very much. Yes, I did receive the EIN and am very happy with the service you provided. I was referred to you by a friend who spoke highly of your services. I will in turn, recommend you to anyone who might benefit from your service. It was prompt and efficient as well as courteous. Once again, thank you. Sincerely,
— Salomón A. Quijada,

Thank you so much for everything you did. I appreciate it all and have no bad words to say. I, actually, gave your name and information to a friend so she can file through you, as well. I will be contacting you, again, if I need anymore help. Thanks again
— Pamela,

Thank you so much for everything you did. I appreciate it all and have no bad words to say. I, actually, gave you name and information to a friend so she can file through you, as well. I will be contacting you, again, if I need anymore help. Thanks again
— Pamela,

As always your professionalism was excellent and on-time! Thank you again so very much, and I will continue to refer Signature Filing to all my business associates as well!
— Jackie Simley, President, Omni Talent Agency

Thank you. My experience with your service was exceptionally easy. I was referred by a business associate who said this was the way to do my dba and she was right. I especially appreciated the email notification when to expect something in the mail! Thanks for the good service.
— Sylvia Lyons, Dba Royal Oak Design

Thank you very much. Your pricing was very reasonable and well worth it. But most of all you were so fast at providing me with my EIN. I would use your services again if needed; and hightly recommend your services to others. Sincrely,
— Dennis Fujihara, A Secret Garden, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Hello Signature Filing, Thank you for making this a simple and pain-free process for us! I will recommend you to anyone looking for these types of services in the future! Thanks again,
— Justin and Stephanie Burgos,

Your service was excellent!! Your website was easy to use, you took the hassle of this task off of my desk, and your fee was reasonable and well worth it. I especially appreciated your "heads up" letters/emails that told me to disregard the junk mail trying to get me to publish, as well as the very specific instructions as to what letters to expect in the mail, what they are, and that they are all important pieces of the process. You did an outstanding job walking me through the process as it unfolded. thank you for your excellent service!
— Marian,

Your service is incredible! Professional, timely, and you really communicate just the right amount throughout the process (informative, but not too intrusive). I wasn't sure what to expect, but I was very impressed!
— Ambika,

I am so pleased to have done business with you! You are an honest organization and always answered any questions I have had within a few hours. Thank-you!
— patty beardsley,

Everything from beginning to end went pefectly . Thanks. You will be my #1 source and my #1 referral to family, friends and business associates needing your services.
— Trotty Cameron Company ,

We are extremely pleased with your service. Prior to locating you on the internet, we always stressed out about renewing DBA paperwork because other "service providers" didn't tell the truth and charged exorbitant fees for no service. Your service is reliable and reasonably priced and you do what you say you are going to do, a rarity in this world. We have other DBAs coming up and will most certainly use your service.
— Name Withheld,

Dear signature filing, your work was off the hook you are awesome words can't explain...I would like to thank you again,and would recommend your company to anyone that ask,Im sure we will be doing business agin soon. Thank you again
— The Apockalypse,

Signature Filing, Thank you so much for the information I received from you via our telephone conversation yesterday (sorry, I didn't get the lady's name I spoke with) and for your very easy filing system you have created.
— Morley J. Helfand,

Signature Filing, Thank you so much!!! You have taken care of everything and made it so easy. I will be sure to send anyone in need of these kind of services your way!!! Many Blessings to you,
— Cynthia Petriccione, The Healers Stone

Are you kidding me? I am THRILLED with your services. I cannot imagine having to do this myself, take the time off work, losing pay days in the process and possibly not doing it right the first time. I have passed along your services to friends of mine, and people I run into looking to start an LLC or DBA, indicating to them, "why stress, let Signature Filing take care of it for you; they're great!". I can't thank you enough, I am so happy I found you on the internet. I'm excited about my business and where it may take me; for the first time in my life I feel like I am actually taking charge and doing what I always should have been doing...and I have you to thank for making this arduous part a breeze! Thank you again for all the help, the burden and stress of it all have allowed me to create instead, when I may have just been doing a lot of hair pulling. Sincerely,
— Jennifer L. Tiltin, Mz. Luci Wicked Designs

You are amazing and unbelievably efficient...worth every penny paid!!!!
— Agnes Grogan, RN, BS,

This is to inform you that I have received the Sellers Permit and information packet from the Board of Equalization. Thank you very much for your superb service!!! I will definitely use your service again, and refer to you to some friends who may be in need of your service. Thanks again!!!
— Mary Anne Charade Tomaneng,

THANK YOU so much for the wonderful service you provided!! I was really impressed with your services!! The accuracy, the speed in which I received my papers...really really impressive
— Katrien Damman,

Thank you so much for your excellent communication and for doing exactly what you said you would, when you said you would. It seems it isn't easy these days finding a business that performs as you have. I hope you use this as a testimonial - you deserve it!
— Chris Anisere, Seven Interactive

When I found out I needed to file a DBA, I was anxious. Running to a crowded municipal building, filing all the papers needed and calling around for rates to publish in newspapers is a huge hassle and waste of valuable time. I did an internet search and looked at a couple options. One of the filing sites was a more heavily advertised firm started by a famous lawyer. I took a few minutes to review what each company offered in the price. Signature filing had clear advantages. Not only were they significantly more affordable, they didn't clutter the transaction with fearful tactics of items my company "should have" but really didn't need. Within a week of filing I had the paperwork and tax ID necessary to open our business bank account. All the paperwork was handled quickly, effortlessly and electronically. The required publishing was included and the instructions of what was occurring next were very clear during the process. You may want to do your own comparisons but I can assure you, I'll be using Signature Filing again as a loyal customer.
— Andrew Heyl, Burger Palace Audio

My experience with Signature Filing was wonderful from beginning to end. Using their service to file my DBA and tax ID save me time and that time has translated into dollars. Without Signature Filing I would have had to delay the process until I became available. I was able to keep track of each step of the process online which assured me someone was continuing to work on my behalf while I moved forward with building my business. I will recommend Signature Filing to all of my business colleagues.
— Tiffeany Roderick,

Signature Filing, you guys are the best. I surfed the net for about 6 months, tried a couple of sites, but got stuck when answering some of the questions and ended up clicking off. I finally came across your site started answering all the questions and it was so easy and understanding. I even called a couple of times because I was scared I missed something and the support was so nice and explained things to where I could understand them. I received all my documents and I am on my way to a successful business. Thank you,I could not have done this with out you.
— Tase Smith, Touch 'N Stuff

[Your service] really made getting all my requirements painless. What I like about your company is that not only was everything done promptly, but it was very easy to get a hold of you when I had some questions. You have a very personal approach to running your business and that is very hard to find nowadays.
— Patrick Sisante,

Everything went well and better than expected. I recently did a similar filing with LegalZoom and they took much longer to do the paperwork and get the documents back to me. Not to mention that they were more expensive. I was very pleased with your service.
— Name Withheld,

I was really impressed with how efficient your website was and how it functioned so well. At first I was a little confused about the time line and didn't realize how long you [were required] to publish in a paper, but I kept checking back at the site and the information and updates I needed were all there. When I received the final papers with everything done and concluded..and the newspaper clipping for my filing included, I thought you had done an outstanding job and actually had done more than I expected. It was so easy to work with you on this part of the new business. I will recommend you to anyone who I know is starting a business. I wish all the interfacing I do with companies, etc., was as efficient as you were. Please use this for a testimonial or I will write another one more formally. Thanks again for doing the filing and sending me the final paperwork. It was so easy, I was sure I had something else to do, but it was all handled...1, 2, 3, by you.
— Randi Feldman, The Artworks Company

Signature Filing made it so convenient to obtain a resale license. No waiting in line, driving around to find parking or paying high parking fees in the downtown area. The web site is easy to maneuver and download the application. All documents arrived in the mail in a timely manner. Thanks for this wonderful service.
— Patricia Shea,

I couldn't be happier with the service. Once it got started, I never had to think about it again, but when I did, I loved being able to just log in and see what stage the process was at. I know I'd never have gotten through it so efficiently by myself. Totally worth the money.
— Margaret Secara, Popinjay Press

Your service was excellent in every respect. It made the entire process easy and painless. Being able to view the status (and expected time frames) on your website was incredibly helpful, and served to take the guesswork out of the process. Thank you for taking such good care of us!
— Andrew Wilder, President, Emerald Bay Alumni

Thank you so much for your wonderful service. Your follow-ups and activity timeline were incredibly helpful---I always felt like I was 'in-the-loop'. I wish other businesses ran so efficiently! I will be using your other service (applying for my resale license) in the near future. Thanks again for your stellar service. I will gladly recommend Signature Filing to my friends!
— Anthe Wosczyna, Little Muse Designs

Thank you for everything! Your service was truly valuable to me! It was nice to let you know what I needed and then not think about it any longer. I'm not even sure if I had done all this myself if I would have saved any money. In fact, I feel you saved me time and money from the hassle of figuring this out and running from place to place. Thank you again and I will definitely tell others of your service!
— Sue Lemus, Sue Lemus and Associates

Just a quick note to say "thanks" for professionally handling my needs in a timely and efficient manner. Everything in my filing and publishing went like clock work. Your service reduces the filing process for a DBA down to a cost effective and efficient solution to what otherwise is a headache and cumbersome process. Thank you for a successful outcome,
— Adam E. Coffey, President & CEO, Web Service Company, LLC

You guys are awesome. Absolutely flawless service. Wish everything in life was this simple. Thank you,
— Mylene Pilutik,

Signature Filing, I just want to say thank you for offering your service. It is simple and efficient. It has made my life easier. I will do anything to avoid the County Recorders Office. I don't mind paying the little extra for having your company process my paper work. I have utilized your service 4 or 5 times. I would recommend your company to anyone. Thank You,
— Richard Valenzuela,

I am so impressed with your service. I mailed you a Fictitious Name Statement on Monday and now, Wednesday, I already have the certified copy back from the Registrar-Recorder's office in Los Angeles in my hands. Keep up the incredible work and thank you.
— Rick Henkin,

Dear Signature Filing: I don't remember just how it was that I came to use you (I did so in two instances), but I was very impressed with your service. Your rates are reasonable, your assistance helpful, and your timing exceptional. In both instances in which I used you. I was very satisfied with the way you operated. You even wrote to remind me of a task I needed to complete. I appreciated that you were on top of my case and handling as if it were the only one you had. I can't say there is anything that I would recommend you change. My recommendation is that you continue to offer your service in the exceptional manner you have. Sincerely,
— John F. Cragin Ed.D,

Excellent service, responsive communication, professionalism and a great price. Signature Filing is the best way to file a DBA.
— Christos Kritikos,

If people only knew what they can do on the internet these days. Google search for "fictitious Business Name publication in LA County" and they you were! Had I know I could have done the filing online with you too I would not have waited the hour at the county office. BTW I saved almost 50% by using your web page. Thank you,
— Raymond S. Bower,

Dear Signature Filing, You made what used to make me shudder a pleasant experience. There's no better testimonial, and I will definitely pass your name on to others. Thanks for your help, expediency and thoughtful communication.
— Ralph Rosen, West Properties Company

I want to thank Signature Filing for their user-friendly on-line application that I used to register my fictitious business name. I really liked the fact that I could track the progress of my application until completion. Also, Signature Filing saved me a lot of time by personally contacting and placing my fictitious business name in the local newspapers. I will definitely recommend Signature Filing to anyone interested in having their fictitious business name recorded in a timely manner.
— Linda Carol Reed, Event Planner, Chocolates Wrapped With Style

Using Signature Filing was so much easier than driving across town to wait in line to do the filing and then again to insert the ads. And at the price of gas, not to mention the value of my time, even the priority fee worked out to be less than sending an employee. I have already recommended your services and will continue to do so.
— Stephanie Jourdan, Ph.D., Higher Self Communications Inc.

Your service is great. It is easy to use and you did everything for our small business; file with the county clerk, post the name change, mail back quickly the stamped form, proof of public notice. Without question I will/am telling all my friends.
— Stephen Martinez,

I just wanted you to know how easy it was to do the DBA online with you. The directions were easy to follow and everything proceeded step by step without any difficulties. Thank you for making the process so easy to do!
— Antoinette Sung,

Everything was awesome. It was definitely the right product at the right price. It was convenient and you made everything I had to do easy and painless. I look forward to renewing my DBA with your company.
— Robert J. Pagan,

A note to you at Signature Filing, to thank you for your great service and professionalism. I am so very glad I found you, to be able to get my DBA filed. It was a seamless process, an I thank you for giving me peace of mind while you took care of it. I will most definitely recommend you and your service, and will be back again for other services in the future. Thank you so very much!
— P. Lloyd, Life Coaching Journey

Thank you for the great service, you made it very easy for me to start my new business without having to worry about the details of the DBA. I admit, I was a little worried at first, but you kept me informed on all the steps of the process and you were there on the other end of the phone to answer my questions. It all went very smoothly and I really appreciate the integrity and professionalism Signature Filing has demonstrated. Thanks again.
— Mike Varon, Varon Space Systems Thermal Control

Thank you for your assistance. I was a little afraid at the start, but I cannot tell you how happy and pleased that I am with the service you provided me. I have given your name to numerous persons. Thanks for making this experience a pleasant and professional one.
— Joyce Dockery, Grandma J's Day Care

Thank you so much. Your service was excellent and the easiest part of starting our business. You took care of all the technicalities. Thank you again. I have already told other people about your service.
— Cathy Hodek,

Nothing was easier! I signed up and then forgot about it. I received all of the paperwork at the point in time I was supposed to receive it. Best of all, there was absolutely no problem doing the "next steps" like setting up my bank account and getting my tax ID. Everything went smoothly. Thank you very much for making everything so easy.
— Susie Devitt, The Mongoose Brush

Thank you. I am so impressed with your service and would refer it to anyone who wants to have a DBA done quickly, painlessly and affordably!
— Dan Katz, LA Ads Marketing Services

Your service was great and fast. Well worth the price. We didn't know where to start nor did we have the time to find out. Five minutes on your web site and it was done!! Thank you,
— Rodger Wright,

It was an absolute pleasure doing business with your company in this very important first step at starting a new business, (making this an effortless exercise on my part). I would certainly recommend your company to others in the future and this will be the first place I go for any other filing needs I may have in the future. Thanks again,
— Colin Reef, Grey Rock Records

My experience in dealing with Signature Filing could not have been better. I was in a hurry to get everything filed and Jackie went out of her way to help me. I have recommended your service to a few colleagues and one may have used your service recently. I have your site bookmarked and entered into my contact file. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone. Thanks again for all your help.
— David Albanese, David Albanese Photography, www.davidalbanese.com

Your service was great. This is the third time I've set up a DBA, and to be able to sit back and let you guys take care of everything, and to not have to run all over town again was a great investment. Thank You,
— Brandon Wharton, Home Theater Design Center

I was extremely satisfied with the professionalism and sense of humor exhibited by your company: it was a rare pleasure to complete both my sole proprietorship application and a grammar and spelling quiz on your website! I appreciate your competence and promptness throughout the filing process, especially as a first-time business owner.
— Andrea Moore, Andrea Moore Photography

I can't imagine anything being better than your service. I would recommend you with a resounding shout of "They're The Best!!" Thank you so much for providing an excellent service efficiently.
— Frank Strauss, HATsantamonica.com

Signature Filing is the new standard of online filing. Being a small business owner I'm always skeptical on these types of things, but they possess 2 critical elements: One, you can contact them via fax, e-mail and phone - phone is key since the last filing company I used was impossible to reach; and Two, the status of your filing. I could log on any day of the week at 2 am or 2 pm and check to see what's going on with my filing status. It's arranged so you can view every single step of the process. Anyone who is serious about their business needs to use Signature Filing. They truly went above and beyond to keep me informed and ensure my happiness throughout the entire procedure. I've referred 3 of my friends and will continue to spread the word.
— Tontrell L. Jackson, JKDJ

The Signature Filing website was so easy and made getting our DBA a very simple process. We checked out a lot of companies offering the same service and we're thrilled we went with Signature Filing! The customer service is fantastic along with the price. Thanks for helping us launch our business and turning the DBA step into a painless procedure!
— Share Ross, Punk Knits

With all the things I needed to do to start my new business, filing my DBA paperwork was the last thing I needed to worry about. Your website was clean, functional and efficient as well as your quick and courteous tech support which made the process painless. I'm happy to say all the paperwork was done perfectly, quickly and conveniently. I appreciate your service and help in getting the details of my business sorted out and up and running.
— JC Calciano, Clinical Hypnotherapist, HypnoMotivation Center

I'm happy to write a testimony of what a great experience this service was. Signature Filing was way too easy to use! Everything was taken care of, I just had to sign a few papers and next thing I knew all the paper work was sent back completed by the county. I was able to open a business bank account and cash my checks in just over one weeks time. It was well worth the cost to not have to go deal with the county clerk, run an ad, battle traffic, and waste my valuable time. I highly recommend this service to any business or entrepreneur. Thanks a ton,
— Erik Abel, Abel Arts, www.abelarts.com


"I just wanted to let you know how awesome your services are. I really couldn’t believe how fast and easy it was. Everything was done perfectly and within just a few days of filing I was getting..." Read More
– William A Schaffer
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