Affiliate FAQ

What is my commission?
The commission you receive is defined as a certain percentage of the net revenue, also known as the Service Charge. The net revenue or Service Charge is defined as the gross sale minus the Agency Fee (or state/county filing fees). Our current rates are 10%. Check out our Pricing page for current pricing information.
When do I get paid?
Unlike most affiliate programs, we issue your check when the order reaches a certain stage, rather than after a set time. We do this to avoid fraud and misunderstandings should a problem arise with the order. Fortunately, this also results in a much shorter payout time. We also do not have a minimum payout amount.
I do not have a website/my website gets no traffic. Can I still refer customers?
Yes! You do not need a website to start referring customers. When you become an affiliate you have the ability to create Promotional and Referral Codes which you can use to refer customers. These work well in promotional material and word of mouth. With Promotional Codes you can offer the customer a few bucks off the final purchase price to ensure they remember to use your code at checkout.
Does my commission include additional services like Express Filing?
Of course! If a client opts for any of our Express Filing services, your affiliate rate applies to that Service Charge as well.


"Yes! These people are polite as well as being on top-of-their-game. I had no problem with my DBA change over and no problem at the bank either. They were attentive by following up with an email after each step and sensitive to my needs. I highly recommend Signature Filing. You'll like these people. They know what the hell they're doing. "
– Joel H. Evans II

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