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What can Signature Filing do for me?
There are many variables to consider when filing for a DBA as well as many steps. Signature Filing streamlines the DBA process, eliminates common but time consuming errors and deals with the requisite local government agency and newspaper, including publication. Often times Signature Filing can complete the process faster and for less money than would otherwise be possible.
Are there any discounts available?
We have several retroactive discounts available for you after you purchase. For example, if you are a Firefox user we will refund you a few dollars. Suggest something or point out a bug and if we implement it we will give you a few bucks off. You can apply for these from your Client Services Panel.
Can I get my DBA published if it has already been filed?
Yes, we have a Publish Only option available. You will just need to supply us with the file number and file date provided to you by the County Clerk/Recorder's Office.
How long does getting a DBA take?
Once you have signed and mailed the necessary documents to us, it will take about two weeks for you to receive your County Certified Copy in the mail (unless you opt for our Express Filing service, see below). Then, after the requisite four weeks of publishing, it takes about one to two additional weeks to receive the filed Proof of Publication back from the County Clerk/Recorder. It takes about six to eight weeks total; however, many people just need to open their bank accounts, which they can do at most banks with the Certified Copy.
Can I speed up the process?
We provide an Express Filing service which enables you to receive your County Certified Copy in a day or two. We file your DBA the same business day we receive the necessary documents (provided we receive them by 12:00 pm PST, otherwise we will file them the next business day) and then overnight the Certified Copy back to you. For example, you file your DBA with us on Monday afternoon. Print out the resulting documents, sign them and then get them to us by 12:00 pm PST the next day (or use our e-sign service to avoid the mailing time). We will file your documents that day and then overnight you the resulting filings within the accelerated timeframe specified for that service/location. This is useful for those who need to open their bank accounts ASAP. Of course, your DBA will still need to be published for the requisite four weeks.
How long does it take to fill out the DBA application?
Our online application takes about five minutes to complete, much faster and more accurate than filling out the form by hand.
Can I look up a business name before I apply?
Certainly. We provide a business name lookup feature on the main page of our Help Center and you can also look up multiple business names on the Business Name slide in our application.
When can I open a bank account under my DBA?
Most banks allow you to open your bank account with just the Certified Copy that has the purple stamp of the County Clerk/Recorder's Office on the back. Other banks (just a few in our experience) are sticklers and require the Proof of Publication. This requirement sometimes seems to change from teller to teller and branch to branch, so you should probably check with your bank.
Do I have to do anything else after I've paid for my DBA?
Yes, after you pay you should immediately receive an email that has your DBA form attached. If not, you can login to your Client Services panel and download a new one or have one faxed to you. You will need to print out this form then sign it and mail it to us (NOT the County Clerk/Recorder). Unfortunately the County Clerk/Recorder requires an original signature so you cannot make a copy of it or fax it. More detailed instructions are included in the follow-up email.


"Thank you Signature Filing for making this whole process easy and painless. The Progress side panel was helpful in keeping me aware of my progress. Also, explanations and definitions explaining terms was valuable. I could see light at the end of the tunnel. When I had to call for assistance, my call was answered promptly. The person with whom I spoke was knowledgeable, clear, accessible and..." Read More
– Dr. BB

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